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Kapaxen™ BN-VG121 BN-VG121U Battery for JVC Camcorders

Kapaxen™ BN-VG121 BN-VG121U Battery for JVC Camcorders


$ 25.50

Kapaxen BN-VG121U BN-VG121USM DATA equivalent li-ion battery is designed to work with JVC HDD / MicroSD, Flash Memory, and Hard Drive Everio camcorders. Rated at 2500mAh, this intelligent battery communicates with a camcorder and shows the remaining recording time on camcorder LCD. Our BN-VG121 can be charged either by an independent battery charger or through a camcorder via AP-V30U or AC-V11U power adapter. The BN-VG121 battery is fully compatible with the following JVC camcorder models:

JVC GZ-E Series
GZ-E10, GZ-E100, GZ-E200, GZ-E205, GZ-E220, GZ-E300, GZ-E306, GZ-E505, GZ-EX210, GZ-EX215, GZ-EX250, GZ-EX310, GZ-EX355, GZ-EX515, GZ-EX555

JVC GZ-GX Series

JVC GZ-HD Series
GZ-HD500, GZ-HD510, GZ-HD520, GZ-HD550, GZ-HD620, GZ-HD750, GZ-HD760

JVC GZ-HM Series
GZ-HM30, GZ-HM35, GZ-HM300, GZ-HM310, GZ-HM320, GZ-HM330, GZ-HM334, GZ-HM335, GZ-HM340, GZ-HM350, GZ-HM40, GZ-HM430, GZ-HM435, GZ-HM440, GZ-HM445, GZ-HM446, GZ-HM450, GZ-HM50, GZ-HM550, GZ-HM570, GZ-HM65, GZ-HM650, GZ-HM655, GZ-HM670, GZ-HM690, GZ-HM845, GZ-HM860, GZ-HM870, GZ-HM880, GZ-HM890, GZ-HM960, GZ-HM980, GZ-HM990

JVC GZ-MG Series
GZ-MG750, GZ-MG760

JVC GZ-MS Series
GZ-MS110, GZ-MS118, GZ-MS150, GZ-MS210, GZ-MS215, GZ-MS216, GZ-MS230, GZ-MS240

and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: Victor JVC BN-VG121, BN-VG121U, BN-VG121E, BN-VG121US, BN-VG121USM, BNVG121, BNVG121U, BNVG121E, BNVG121USM, LY37166-002B, LY37166-002C.
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